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Are Jack Russells easy to train?

The “Sporting Parson”, England’s national dog breeder, created the cheerful Russell Terrier for foxhunts. Although the adorable Russell Terrier may look like a toy, he is a hardworking and eager working dog. These cheeky, playful little guys pack a lot of personality into their small rectangular bodies that measure 10-12 inches at the shoulder.

Black And white Wire Haired Jack Russell

The breed’s distinctive characteristics include its dark eyes with almond-shaped pupils and V-shaped ears. The coats of all three types are predominantly white, with tan or dark markings or both. Russells have a natural, fluid gait that demonstrates their confidence and independence.


Russell Terriers are happy and healthy little dogs. Responsible breeders check their stock for health conditions like patellar luxation (loose caps), eye disease, or deafness.

Jack Russell Terrier for sale

They are committed to maintaining the breed’s genetic health by performing health testing on all of their breeding stock.


The Russell Terrier’s rugged and ready exterior is easy to maintain. There are three types of coats: rough, broken, and smooth. A dense, short, smooth coat can look great by a weekly rubdown using a soft brush or a glove for hounds.

Jack Russell Terrier mix

You will need to brush the rougher and more damaged areas of the coat once a week. However, they can be kept natural with very little grooming. Russell should have his nails trimmed once a month and his ears checked for excess wax or debris every week.


A good sense of humor is the first thing you need to train a Russell Terrier. They are intelligent and enjoy playing games and working on problems. Boredom is a common trait so it is important to keep training sessions entertaining in order for them to learn.

Jack Russell Terrier mix with Pitbull

They are skilled at performing tricks and enjoy entertaining others. They are dedicated to any task or activity, with the same passion they were raised for hunting. They make excellent canine sports dogs, including agility, flyball obedience rally lure coursing, and even rally.


A high-quality, quality dog food should be available for the Russell Terrier. This can be either commercially produced or homemade with your veterinarian’s approval. The dog’s age should be considered when choosing a diet. Some dogs can become overweight easily, so be aware of your dog’s calorie intake and weight.

Jack Russell Terriers

Although treats can be a valuable aid in training, too many can lead to obesity. Find out which foods are safe for dogs and which ones are not. If you have concerns about your dog’s diet or weight, talk to your vet. Always have clean, the freshwater available.

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