DogsMiniature PinscherMiniature Pinscher

  • PersonalityMin Pins are proud, fearless and fun-loving.
  • Energy LevelMin Pins are very active and can do any activity. To maintain their taut, wedge-shaped body, they need to be regularly exercise.
  • Better with older children:Good with children
  • With other dogs: Under supervision
  • InfrequentShedding
  • Occasional Grooming
  • Independent:Trainability
  • Height10-12.5 Inches
  • Weight: 8-10 pounds
  • Life Expectancy12-16 Years
  • Barking Level Likes being vocal
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About the Breed

Fans call the Miniature Pinscher the King of Toys. This confident, fearless, and fun-loving toy breed is known as the ‘King of Toys’. It has a compact, wedge-shaped body and a lustrous coat.

Min Pins are compact, sturdy dogs that stand no more than 12.5 inches at their shoulders. You can choose from solid red, chocolate-and rust, or black-and rust for your smooth, shiny coat. A large, self-possessed personality is reflected in the dark eyes with a slightly oval shape and high-set ears. Min Pin is distinguished by his high-stepping hackney gait that is reminiscent of a hackney horse trotting.


Miniature pinschers are healthy dogs. Responsible breeders check their stock for any health issues such as epilepsy, thyroid disease, patellar luxation and cervical (dry disc) disc. You should brush your MInPin’s teeth often with a toothpaste made for dogs. Regular vet visits are important to ensure that your dog lives a healthy, long life.


Miniature Pinschers have a short, hard coat that is easy to maintain. He will shine with a weekly brushing or a hound glove. Spending time with a puppy in grooming sessions is a great way to get to know them and to build a bond. Dog discomfort can be caused by too long nails.


Although miniature pinschers are intelligent and affectionate, they can be independent and will test the boundaries of their owners. Obedience training is a good idea. It is important to socialize your dog early and take puppy training classes. This will help you make sure that your dog becomes a well-adjusted and well-mannered companion.


Miniature Pinschers should be fed high-quality dog food. This can be commercially produced or homemade with the approval of your veterinarian. Any dog’s age should be considered. Some dogs can become overweight easily, so be aware of your dog’s calorie intake and weight. Although treats can be a valuable aid in training, too many can lead to obesity. Find out which foods are safe for dogs and which ones are not. If you have concerns about your dog’s diet or weight, talk to your vet. Always have clean, fresh water available.


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