• Personality: Gentle, playful, affectionate; fearless in a charming toy-dog way
  • Energy Level: Somewhat active; a classic lapdog, but Maltese still like brisk walks, playtime, and learning tricks
  • Good with Children: Better with supervision
  • Good with Other Dogs: With supervision
  • Shedding: Infrequent, hypoallergenic
  • Grooming: Daily brushing
  • Trainability: Agreeable
  • Height: 7-9 inches
  • Weight: under 7 pounds
  • Life Expectancy: 12-15 years
  • Barking Level: Medium
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About the Breed

The small Maltese”Ye Ancient Dogge of Malta is living in luxury since the time that the Bible was an ongoing work. They are famous for their spectacular long coat that is floor-length, Maltese is playful, adorable, and versatile toy pets.

Maltese are cute and affectionate dogs that weigh less than seven pounds. They are adorned with an elongated straight, smooth coat. Under the white mantle are a small, compact body that walks in a fluid and easy walk. The overall picture shows fluidity and grace. The captivating Maltese face with its huge dark eyes, dark eyes, and a black gumdrop nose can enthrall even the most dejected of minds. Despite their classy appearance, Maltese are hardy and versatile pets. They are alert watchdogs that are awe-inspiring in a toy-dog manner, and they are a fun little athlete on the agility track. Maltese are long-lived, low-shedding, and are eager to meet new people of all different ages. Sometimes they can be stubborn and stubborn They are well-suited to reward-based training.



The Maltese is an animal that is healthy and has few problems with its health, and will typically live into double two digits. Responsible breeders test their breeding stock for any health issues, like luxating patellas and heart abnormalities like PDA (patent arteriosus ductus). It is suggested that Maltese puppies undergo bile-acid testing to eliminate congenital liver problems like liver shunts or microvascular dysplasia (MVD). There are reports of Maltese becoming Encephalitis (aka GME). GME). As of now, there are no tests for screening. There is no screening test available. American Maltese Association is working with researchers to find solutions and maybe a genetic test within the next few years. As with all breeds of toys the importance of maintaining their dental health is paramount as well. Maltese should be every day brushed with special toothpaste designed specifically for dogs, in addition to regular visits to the vet.


The white, long coat of Maltese is stunning and beautiful. It is best to brush it gently and comb on the skin in order to prevent knots and mats. Maltese must also take regular baths and conditioning of the coat to ensure that their hair looks the best. They grow fast and their nails need to be trimmed often. Make sure to check their ears regularly and clean any hair or wax that is not needed as well as any debris that has accumulated. Since Maltese are susceptible to developing dental problems as they get old, they must be cleaned frequently'”ideally every when their coat is washed. If the dog exhibits noticeable tear staining in the eyes, a visit to the vet to find out the probable cause is suggested.


Maltese are highly smart, and through years of living with humans, they have learned to obtain exactly what they need from their fellows. It is essential to remain constant in the training they receive. Maltese are highly athletic and skilled and can be a good choice for competitive partners in dog sports, such as agility or obedience. They are a bit stubborn and determined however, they are a good acclimate to positive methods of training.


The Maltese will do well with high-quality dog food whether it is commercially produced or homemade with the guidance of your vet’s approval. The diet you choose should be suitable for the pet’s stage of life (puppy adult, older, or senior). Certain breeds are susceptible to becoming overweight, so be aware of your dog’s consumption of calories and weight. Treats are a great aid in training, however, feeding too many treats can lead to overweight. Know which human food items are suitable for dogs and which ones aren’t. Talk to your vet in case you are concerned regarding your dog’s weight or diet. Fresh, clean water must be readily available throughout the day.


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