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  • Personality: Intelligent, friendly, and devoted.
  • Energy Level: Very Active; This dog is active and energetic and needs daily exercise.
  • Good with Children: Yes
  • Good with other Dogs: Yes
  • Shedding: Seasonal
  • Grooming: Occasional
  • Trainability: Eager To Please
  • Height: 23-24 inches (male), 21.5-22.5 inches (female)
  • Weight: 65-75 pounds (male), 55-65 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy: 10-12 years
  • Barking Level: Barks When Necessary
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About the Breed

It is the Golden Retriever is a sturdy muscular breed of medium size. It is well-known for its thick glossy coat of gold which gives it its nickname. The large head, along with its friendly and smart eyes, short ears, and the straight muzzle is a distinctive characteristic of the breed. When in motion, Goldens move with a fluid, strong gait, and their feathery tails are and is carried enthusiasts claim, with a merry movement.’ The most comprehensive records of the evolution of the Golden Retriever are included in the books of records that were maintained from 1835 to 1890 by gamekeepers from the Guisachan (pronounced Gooeesicun) estate of Lord Tweedmouth in Inverness-Shire, Scotland.


They are typically healthy dog breeds and responsible breeders test the breeding line for any health issues like hip dysplasia and elbows and eye diseases like juvenile cataract, pigmentary Uveitis as well as progressive retinal atrophy, and heart conditions that include subvalvular Aortic Stenosis. The ears of Goldens should be checked every week to detect signs of infection and teeth must be cleaned frequently.

Health Tests Recommended by The Pet Cruise:

Hip Evaluation
Evaluation of the Elbow
Cardiac Exam
Ophthalmologist Evaluation


Goldens are known to shed their heavy double coat of water-resistant at least once or twice per year They also shed less frequently regularly. The majority often an effective brushing-out using a slicker brush every once or twice per week will take away most of the shed hair before it gets the chance to land on the furniture. In times of excessive shedding, the brushing sessions can turn into a daily routine. Baths can help loosen dead hair however the dog needs to be completely dry before the brushing commences. In other words, Goldens only need occasional baths to maintain their cleanliness. Like other breeds, the nails of Goldens must be cut regularly.


As with all breeds, early introduction to socialization and puppy training classes are highly recommended. The gentle introduction of the puppy to many different individuals, places, and environments between seven and four months will assist the Golden to become a more confident, well-behaved adult. Puppy classes are an integral part of the socialization process and assist the dog’s owner in learning to identify and address any undesirable behaviors that are developing. The training of obedience improves the relationship between the dog and its owner Golden wants nothing more than to please its owner. Golden Retrievers are friendly enthusiastic, loyal, and willing to do the commands of their owners, making them a breeze to train.

Golden retriever puppy for sale,


Premium dog food that is suitable to the dog’s age (puppy adult, adult, or senior) will contain all the essential nutrients that the breed requires. Certain Goldens may become overweight, so keep an eye on your dog’s intake of calories and weight gain. If you do decide to give your pet treats make sure to do this in moderate quantities. Treats can be a significant aid to training, but overindulging can result in being overweight. Use table scraps sparingly when possible, and especially not to give cooked bones or food that contain a lot of fat. Know which foods for humans are suitable for dogs and which ones are not. Consult your veterinarian in case you have concerns regarding your dog’s weight or diet.

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    Today I Got a Pet From Them – I am Amazed That They Gave a 35 days Old Golden Retriever to Me, I am Happy That Found You Online. Kunal Sharma Is Such a Nice human Who Explain Everything in such a Simpler Way. Wish You Good Luck In & Thank You For The Offering us Such a Great Deal.


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    Fast, efficient and best value found.


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    Great Site! Easy to Navigate, I called Kunal Sharma He helped me every step of the way and was very courteous. Definitely will Shop again. Thank You For Giving Us a Great PET.


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    Let me begin by saying that my dogs are my children and I treat them as such! I am very critical of who I allow to care for them. That being said, I HIGHLY recommend The Pet Cruise and For The Love of Dogs.


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    November 21, 2021 at 1:37 pm

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    I Gift One Pet From Them to My Girl Friend, I Would Say You Must Talk to Kunal Sharma, He is The Best Person to Assist You and Offer a Great Breed.


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