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  • Personality Smart trained, trainable, and noble of character; assertive and confident. Corsi is the most reliable security guards
  • The level of energy: Somewhat energetic; fast and athletic, but also powerful. these big bruisers are happy with their time in the gym.
  • Great with Children: Better with Supervision
  • Excellent with other dogs: With Supervision
  • Shedding: Seasonal
  • Grooming: Occasional
  • Life Span: 11-12 Years
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About the Breed

The oldest breed of French dog breeds The Dogue de Bordeaux (‘Mastiff of Bordeaux’) was around way earlier than France existed as France. The fawn-coated, muscular guardians with immense courage are renowned for being kind, loving, and secure.

The huge head has an undershot jaw that resembles a Bulldog with expressive eyes and a furrowed brow that is deeply furrowed. It’s the biggest head of the canine kingdom. The body is large and low to the ground, however, Dogues can move as the lions in times of need. DDBs with a good temperament have gentle and sweet souls. Dog owners appreciate their dog’s devotion to their loved ones at all ages, however, they are also aware that DDBs are a bit determined and can be a challenge to those who do not follow the correct training from the puppy years. If you are looking to acquire a hefty super-dog, choosing the right breeder to breed with is crucial.


Bloat, also known as gastric dilatation as well as volvulus (GDV) is a major concern within the Dogue de Bordeaux. Pet owners need to be aware of how to be aware of symptoms that indicate that bloat is occurring, and be aware of the steps to take in the event of. Cancer, heart disease, as well as orthopedic issues (such as elbows and hips) as well as epilepsy, are other issues that are that concern the breed. Breeders who are responsible will check their breeding stock for diseases they may be susceptible to. As with all breeds, the Dogue de Bordeaux’s ears must be examined frequently to detect signs of infection and teeth must be cleaned regularly.


The breed is known for their love of drooling and wrinkles that appear on their face require extra attention at least once a week or even daily to ensure that they’re free of dirt and moisture. Every week, at least it’s important to clean the ears and inspect for indications of infections. Nails should be cut every month. It is recommended that the Dogue de Bordeaux should get regular baths every four weeks or more. Between baths washing him using a damp towel will ensure that he is looking tasting good. The coat of this breed is short and sheds all year long; using an oil curry, or cutting blade to shed hair can prevent the hair from falling off and is thrown onto the floor to an absolute minimum.


Early obedience training and socialization are a must. It is essential to socialize and train early. Dogue de Bordeaux is a sensitive dog that requires trust. A brutal trainer or an aggressive method should be avoided. Training should be disciplined and consistent, without being harsh. Ownership of the breed isn’t for the shy or highly busy.


It is recommended that the Dogue de Bordeaux should be fed a premium dog food that is suitable for their age (puppy adult, adult, and senior). Certain breeds are susceptible to becoming overweight, so be aware of your dog’s consumption of calories and weight. Use table scraps sparingly in the case of any, and especially avoid cooking bones and eating food items with high-fat content. Find out which human food items are suitable for dogs and which ones aren’t. Talk to your vet in case you have concerns about your dog’s weight or diet.


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