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  • Persona:Playful, smart, easily adaptable, and absolutely irresistible
  • Activity LevelNot very active; Frenchies are easygoing, but not very athletic, but brisk walks will keep them in shape.
  • Good for Children:Yes
  • Excellent with other dogs:Yes
  • Shedding:Seasonal
  • Grooming:Occasional
  • Trainability:Responds Well
  • Height:11-13 inches
  • Weight: under 28 pounds
  • The Lifespan of a Person:10-12 years
  • Barking Level: Quiet
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About the Breed

It is the French Bulldog resembles a Bulldog in miniature, minus the massive, erect ‘bat ears which are the most distinctive feature of the breed. The head is huge and square, with large wrinkles that hang over the small nose. The body underneath the silky shiny coat is smooth and robust. The cheerful, bright Frenchie is a charming dog. Dogs with few words, Frenchies don’t bark much’but their keenness makes them great watchdogs. They are able to live happily with couples, singles, or families and don’t require much outdoors exercise. They do well with other pets and are happy to make new acquaintances of the human species. It’s no wonder city dwellers across Paris to Peoria praise this entertaining and sociable breed.


Like all flat-faced breeds Frenchies are more prone to breathing issues and behave poorly in humid or hot conditions. Flat-faced breeds also are more sensitive to anesthesia. Frenchies often suffer from eye problems such as cherry eyes juvenile cataracts, skin allergies and autoimmune diseases are also frequently seen. Responsible breeders will make use of the available tests to test breeding stock for diseases which could impact the breed.


The coat of a Frenchie is short and sheds only a little. A weekly brushing session with medium-bristle brushes, a rubber grooming glove and tool or dog glove can help eliminate hair shed and help keep him looking at his best. Brushing stimulates the growth of new hair and spreads skin oils across the coat, which helps maintain its health. The folds of the Frenchie’s face should be kept dry and clean. The Frenchie’s nails should be cut frequently, since excessively long nails could cause discomfort.


The puppy’s exposure to a variety of people, places and scenarios will assist him become a more well-adjusted adult. Training classes for puppies are an element of socialization that encourages good behavior and aid the dog’s owner in learning to identify and correct bad behavior. Frenchies are big on the inside and may require a good amount of training to become friendly companions. They aren’t always easy to please but they’re people-pleasing and are therefore simple to train. An appropriate incentive (such such as food) and creating games of the process can ensure that they cooperate.


Frenchies tend to be overweight and can harm their physical structure and put them at a higher risk of various health problems, which is why it is crucial to keep track of the amount of calories they consume and their weight. If you decide to offer your pet treats, make sure to do it in moderate amounts. Use table scraps sparingly when you can, and especially not eating bones cooked or food with a lot of fat. Know which human food items are suitable for dogs, and which are not. Talk to your vet in case you have questions about your dog’s weight or the diet they are eating.


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