Dogo ArgentinoDogsDogo Argentino

  • Characteristics:Loyal, trustworthy, and, above all brave
  • Activity LevelSomewhat active; Dogos require vigorous exercise to remain at their most physical and temperamental
  • Great with Children:Better with Supervision
  • Excellent with other dogs:With Supervision
  • Shedding:Infrequent
  • Grooming:Occasional
  • Trainability:Responds Well
  • Size:24-27 inches (male), 23.5-26 inches (female)
  • Weight: 80-100 pounds
  • The Lifespan of a Person:9-15 years
  • Barking Level:Barks When Necessary
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About the Breed

A Dogo Argentino is a pack-hunting dog bred to hunt big game like wild boar and puma. He has the power, intelligence, and swiftness of a professional athlete. The short, plain, as well as smooth fur is white. However, an area of darkness close to the eyes is allowed so long as it’s not covering more than 10 percent of the forehead area.
A perfect Dogo Argentino is a person who is of harmony. He is massive, powerful, and athletic. His powerful neck is supported with a long elegant neck, which connects to a well-balanced and balanced body supported by a straight, robust foreleg and extremely muscular hindquarters with a medium angle. The Dogo conveys the impression of unstoppable energy and power. It is designed to hunt, catch and capture dangerous games. The Dogo should have a strong nose, impressive endurance, as well as a robust but flexible, muscular body. His face is lively and sharp, with a noticeable toughness.


In general, generally speaking, the Dogo Argentino is a healthy dog with no genetic issues. By working in conjunction with an experienced breeder, potential owners will receive the knowledge they require to be aware of particular health issues that affect the breed.


In addition to regular grooming every week and bathing, a few times a week can keep your pet well-groomed and looking its best. The grooming process can be a fantastic bonding moment for the pet and you. Nails that grow fast and strong must be cut regularly using the aid of a nail clipper or grinder to avoid excessive growth cracking, splitting, and splitting. Children’s ears should be examined often to avoid the accumulation of debris and wax, leading to an infection. Teeth should be cleaned frequently.


Exercise options include playing with your children in their backyards, securing the area, or taking walks every day. Exercise may also take indoor sports such as hide-and-seek, running after a ball rolled around the flooring, or even teaching youngsters new techniques. Certain outdoor activities, like walking, swimming or retrieving discs, or flying ones, are great ways to burn off energy. Dog sports training such as agility and obedience and rally is also good options to get your dog to exercise.


Based upon the dog’s size when they become an adult, you’re going to need to feed them an appropriate formula that caters to their individual digestive needs throughout different stages of their lives. Numerous dog food brands have breed-specific formulas that are suitable for small-medium, large, and huge breeds. Dogo Argentinos are a large breed. The food they eat is a personal decision, but consulting with your vet and breeder is the best method to determine the frequency of feedings for puppies and the most suitable adult diet for increasing the lifespan of your dog. Fresh, clean water must be readily available throughout the day.


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