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German Shepherd: Dog Breed Profile

German shepherds (GSD) are kind, faithful, loving, and highly intelligent dogs. They are massive in size and sport slim, athletic build, which make them strong and agile. While they are fantastic herding animals, German shepherds are suitable for being used as service animals, for instance, as guide dogs for blind people. They excel when working, particularly in military and police work. They also make excellent guard dogs. Of course, they are also extremely reliable guard dogs. German shepherd dog is an ideal companion in the right place.

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The history of the German Shepherd German Shepherd

The predecessors of German shepherd dogs were companions and servants to human beings for many centuries. Originating from shepherds and farm dogs and farm dogs, the GSD today was first introduced to Germany in 1899. Capt. Max von Stephanitz is credited for the breed’s birth.
In World Wars I and II, The word “German” was not used, as was the dog breed. It became known in the shepherd dog or the Alsatian (a term that was a staple in certain areas).

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The world’s interest in this breed started to increase around 1900, as the GSD was recognized in the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1908. Today, it is regarded as one of the adored dog breeds, currently ranked 2nd in the AKC listing. Breeding these dogs cross-bred with Shiloh shepherds led to King shepherds.
There has been recent controversy about breeders of show dogs with an incline back instead of the common straight back in working dogs. This has been criticized for causing a slow gait.

German Shepherd Care

German shepherds are known for their coarse and sometimes wet medium-length hair, with thick undercoats. Their coats must be brushed every couple of days. German shepherds experience an excessive amount of shed, which can be reduced with regular grooming. Be prepared to get hair on your furniture and clothing, and be sure to vacuum often. Fortunately, the coat is resistant to dirt and debris, and you shouldn’t have to take your pup to the bathroom more often than once per month. In reality, frequent bathing can strip away the oils that maintain its health.

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Make sure to keep your nails cut to allow your GSD to move around comfortably. Also, you should ensure that your dog has good dental hygiene by brushing your teeth several times per week. Dogs love to chew and have strong jaws. So, make sure you have durable chew toys in the house.
German shepherds can become stressed or even aggressive if not handled and trained properly. The dogs should be taught to perform a task and will be proud of their work. Make sure you thoroughly prepare your GSD. The breed’s ability to learn and its desire to learn should make the process quite simple. Socialization with the right kind of people is essential to ensure that your GSD isn’t anxious or fearful when meeting strangers, animals, or new surroundings. They usually avoid strangers and could be skeptical.
Due to the energy level of GSDs, regular exercise is required. Your GSD may require much more activity than you imagine. A walk every day isn’t enough. If you’re a regular jogger, a German shepherd may be an ideal running companion. Dogs need to run or play and explore to avoid boredom, frustration, and energy accumulation. If your dog is bored, it could develop issues like digging, barking, and chewing.
German shepherds are friendly companions and protectors of families through proper training and socialization. They are a great breed to be used in households with active families. This breed’s protective and intelligent nature makes it an ideal choice for families with kids, provided that the dog is well-trained.
The breed’s dogs could be inclined to chase cats as well as other pets of smaller size. They might not be the best pet for a household with multiple pets unless they are raised together and introduce your dog to other pets. They may also not get well with other dogs, particularly dogs of the same gender that could be an issue when you visit an animal park.
A German shepherd will be happier in a home with is a secure yard to play with rather than an apartment. It’s also crucial that your dog receives lots of attention and is not left to himself most of the time.

Common Health Problem

Responsible breeders work to keep the highest standards for breeds set by kennel clubs such as the AKC. Species that are bred according to the standards of these clubs are more likely not to be prone to inheriting health issues. However, some genetic ailments can be found in breeds. Here are a few points to be aware of:

🐾Hip dysplasia
🐾Elbow dysplasia
🐾The hygroma of the elbow
🐾Gastric dilatation-volvulus
🐾Myelopathy degenerative

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Diet and nutrition

Your German shepherd needs two meals per day, consisting of two cups of dry dog food; however, this depends on the dog’s size, level of activity degree, age, and other aspects. Because they are susceptible to stomach torsion, try to avoid serving one large food every day and then forcing your dog to swallow the food down. Make sure that your dog can access water that is clean and fresh.

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Check your dog’s weight regularly and address any issues with weight in the early stages. Being overweight can shorten your dog’s lifespan. Discuss your nutritional needs with your veterinarian for suggestions for feeding schedules and types of dog food throughout your dog’s lifetime.


How to Adopt or Buy a German Shepherd

If you’re considering adopting the life of a German shepherd, begin by making contact with one of the organizations listed below:

🐾German Shepherd Dog Club of America
🐾German Shepherd Rescue and Adoptions

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They will be capable of providing direction and steps to follow in the adoption process. If you’re not certain that the breed is suitable for your needs, you might consider fostering care to determine whether you think a GSD is the right match for your family.

Additional Information on Dog Breeds and more Research

Like all breeds, if you think the German shepherd dog is the one for you, make sure to conduct thorough research before buying one. Meet with the other GSD owners, reliable breeders, and rescue groups to find out more.

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If you’re looking for similar breeds, look at these breeds and compare their advantages and disadvantages.

🐾Belgian Malinois
🐾Doberman Pinscher
🐾Rhodesian Ridgeback

Find out more about the breeds of dogs available. If you do a bit of research, you will be able to find the perfect dog to take home.

Living with German shepherds:

Because German shepherds are big and strong and possess strong guarding instincts, extreme attention should be given when purchasing German shepherds from breeders that are trusted. Breeders who aren’t reputable tend to be more anxious.

German shepherd dogs should be well-socialized from an early age and trained in obedience to stop over-guarding and aggression. They should be part of their family members and exposed to other dogs and pets in the area; they shouldn’t be kept in an outdoor kennel, a backyard by themselves, or a group together with dogs.

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German shepherd dogs tend to be lively and love having things to do. They require plenty of exercise every day and, if they don’t, they could be a nuisance or stressed.

The dog sheds a lot about once a year and sheds less often for the remainder of the year. To reduce clear and maintain a nice coat clean, you need to brush your dog at least two times each week.

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