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What’s Good About French Mastiffs

French Mastiff is the ultimate guard dog. It’s powerful, massive territorial, protective, and committed towards its owner. However, did you know there are additional reasons to have to get one for your home? Here are a few of the top characteristics that can make a French Mastiff the perfect pet for you:
They’re affectionate and even-tempered.

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A French Mastiff may be intimidating for many pets and people; however, they’re gentle and loving towards their owners. They are averse to conflict between family members and think they’re supposed to play the role of mediator. Therefore, they’ll always be involved with family members or parents constantly scolding their children.
The dog might be gentle in the middle; however, they’ll always watch their owner. They’re alert and suspicious when a stranger comes near. Despite this, their capacity to attack without warning is not as high, and they’ll be calm even if they feel danger. This is why having them around can provide you with peace of mind any time of the day.

They’re Easy Grooming.

This breed is ideal for people who do not know about raising dogs because of their simple grooming requirements. Apart from the seasonal flea, the only thing you need to do is provide it with regular brushing to keep your coat clean and shining.
They shed lightly throughout the year, comparable to most breeds, but you can reduce the amount of effort required. In reality, you’ll have to do little cleaning and vacuuming after the shed, as it’s a normal cycle for their huts. It’s calm and quiet inside.

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French Mastiffs are big. However, they don’t mind living in a house because they are quiet and calm inside. However, they’re relaxed when outside, but they’ll never hesitate to slap a stranger down. They’ll bite and bark before they bite.

The breed is generally calm with little ability to bark or launch unprovoked threats. The only instance they might do this is when trying to intimidate an individual or animal that’s impossible to reach. This includes strangers from the opposite side of the fence.

The Fearless Defender as well as Territorial.

This characteristic is possibly the main reason many people would like to have the French Mastiff. They are great for a variety of outdoor activities. However, they are also excellent protectors of their owners as well as their property. If you offer them something to keep watch over, they’ll claim it as their property and keep it safe from any other visitors.

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Socialization helps them understand the difference between good and bad however they will always have the instinct to be vigilant about their safety or your property. This is the thing that makes French Mastiffs tick and will remain an impressive quality that makes them fantastic dogs.

There’s Something Bad About French Mastiffs

As with all breeds, the French Mastiff isn’t immune from negative traits. They’re not the best as you’d think when you don’t train properly, and this isn’t easy also. Here are some things that could cause you to reconsider getting this dog:

Demanding Exercise

Dogue de Bordeaux is stronger active, more active, and energetic than the majority of mastiff breeds. They require a lot of daily exercise to maintain their health. It also aids in developing muscle mass to help assist in their activities.

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Regular exercise can also be a reliable method to lower the chance of developing health problems later on. If you’re not keen on spending most time outdoors doing exercises with your pet, you might want to think about different breeds.

They are afflicted with short life spans and are suffering from health issues.

As you’re aware, French Mastiffs’ life span can range between 9 and 11 years old, which is less than the majority of breeds. It’s not even considering the many health issues that are more likely to arise, including lymphoma, elbow and hip dysplasia, heart insufficiency, hyperkeratosis, kidney failure, epilepsy, and cancer.

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It is possible to reduce the risk of developing these ailments by regular exercise, but it will not make them invincible. It’s the reason it’s hard for busy families to keep their pets in good condition.

French Mastiffs Need Socialization

French Mastiffs tend to be wary of strangers. This is part of their nature to protect that could be an enigma to the people around them. If they aren’t socialized enough, they can be aggressive or afraid of people around them. However, the result will always be the same – defensive attacks.

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As your dog gets older in size, you’ll need to introduce him to various people to assist him in developing a sense of the difference between good and bad. It’s part of the training process to become a better guardian and keep the other pets and people around them secure.

They’re independent and strong-willed.

The French Mastiff can be described as an alpha breed who is independent, confident, strong-willed, and confident of his own. The French Mastiff will always be the top dog, and it’s difficult for a dog’s owner to train the dog unless he’s got the same unbeatable determination to establish the role of leader.

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If this isn’t properly trained, the dog is likely unpredictable, bold, and difficult to manage. If you don’t want to face the complexities of creating your leadership style and showing your dog you’re the boss, it may be a good idea to think about how you raise one.


The fact is that there’s no doubt that a French Mastiff’s capability to be an outstanding guard dog; however, it has several negatives. It’s not an easy task to raise this breed, as you’ll be faced with the following issues:

Exercise is a must to stay fit and healthy. At the risk of various health issues and a short life span.
It would help if you were socialized in order for effective protection Self-confident, determined, and difficult to train, If you can overcome the challenges of raising your dog, then there’s no doubt that this is one of the most desirable breeds available. The benefits of growing this dog correctly:

Loves family members and is even-tempered with strangers. Simple grooming that is simple to maintain. Relax and calm indoors without requiring any special attention. A ferocious protector who won’t be afraid to tackle dangers

French Mastiff Pros And Cons.

Dogue de Bordeaux or French Mastiff is among the most ancient French breeds of dog employed for hunting, protection, dogfights, and cart pulling. It isn’t easy to train this dog; however, learning the positive and negative aspects can provide you with a great starting point.

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🐾 Attractive and even-tempered.
🐾 It is easy to get your groove on.
🐾 Relax and be calm inside.
🐾 The Fearless Defender and the Territorial.
🐾 Are prone to high levels of exercise.
🐾 Are prone to short life spans and health Predispositions.
🐾 French Mastiffs Need Socialization.
🐾 Are independent and strong-willed.

Do you need more than this? There are many reasons you should or shouldn’t have one, so stay with us to learn the good and bad concerning French Mastiffs. It’s a good thing you’re in for a shock since often, their most appealing characteristic is a major disadvantage to some.

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