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Dogo Argentino Dog Breed Information & Characteristics

Dogo Argentino sometimes called the Argentinian Mastiff or the Argentine Dogo, is a tough, athletic, and affectionate breed. They can be powerful hunters and gentle guardians of their owners. They possess a strong prey drive and a strong will and, at times, fear other animals and strangers, All of which require a skilled dog owner to manage the breed.

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Dogo Argentino puppies require plenty of physical and mental stimulation, along with the ability to train them in a patient manner. Otherwise, they could be frustrated and destructive. Dogo Argentinas are frequently employed to assist with hunting big game, but they can also be trained to assist in police tasks and search and rescue military tasks and service dogs.
With the right training, They can be an amazing family pet or watchdog.

Check out the following description of the characteristics of dogs as well as information on Dogo Argentinos!

More About This Breed

The massive, muscular Dogo Argentino breed was developed for strength and big-game hunting, particularly for taking up wild boars. However, despite its propensity to fight in the hunt, this Dogo Argentino generally has a positive disposition and is extremely committed to its human family. This breed’s strengths require an active, dependable trainer who can be adept at keeping large dogs on their feet and has to be confined to strict limits. A sturdy, tall fence around the backyard is essential, or the Dogo’s prey drive could lead them to pursue small animals or wander.

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Socializing with other people and animals is essential to keep the Dogo Argentino’s instinctive fear of strangers and animals under control. Dogo Argentinos are required to be active, or they could get bored and be prone to destructive behaviors. They shouldn’t be on their own for prolonged periods. With the proper training and loving, secure home and loving home, the Dogo Argentino is an incredibly loyal and loving pet for the family and an outstanding watchdog.


While it was bred to fight dogs, its aggressive characteristics were developed to make it more cooperative with other dogs when hunting. It’s not normal for them to fight; however certain breeders teach them to fight due to their courage and strength.

Since they are commonly used in dogfighting rings, Dogo Argentinos have been classified as dangerous. They are banned in several countries, including Australia and in the Cayman Islands, Denmark, Fiji, Iceland, Singapore, and Ukraine. Within the United Kingdom, it is unlawful to own one without proper authority.

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🐶.Dogo Argentinos are used to working with the military, police, and rescue and search efforts.
🐶.The breed is adored for its courage and loyalty, qualities that make them perfect watchdogs.
🐶.A little over 10 percent of the Dogo Argentinos suffer from deafness caused by pigment either in one or both ears. This is a condition that is most often found in white-coated dogs.

Early training and socialization are essential to keep dogs like the Dogo Argentino in good behavior. They are strong-willed and physically strong and require an experienced trainer who can keep them on the right track without recourse to physical or forced punishment. They aren’t a breed for owners who are new to the breed.
The breed is often misunderstood with its cousin, the American Bulldog, though it is more imposing and is white in coat. It is also sometimes mistaken for the American Pit Bull Terrier, but it is a different breed. Dogo Argentino is much larger and different in a variety of ways.


It is believed that the Dogo Argentino is a descendant of the extinct Fighting Dog of Cordoba, an enormous, fierce breed that was bred to be what the name suggests fighting. A man by the name of Antonio Nores Martinez from Argentina wanted a fearless and agile dog that could take on the rugged landscape of his home country and be an enduring partner. In the 20th century, Martinez was the first to introduce selective breeding and was aimed to decrease the dog’s need to fight so that it could work in a group and replace the fight instinct with the desire to hunt. Many breeds were mixed to create the desirable characteristics that can be seen within this Dogo Argentino breed. Martinez has created a reliable pet with a strong prey drive and a strong build perfect for hunting in the harsh landscape of Argentina or for being a faithful family member. Unfortunately, this breed is still utilized in dog fight rings due to its power and fearless character.

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Dogo Argentinas are big dogs that can reach an average height of 24-27 inches around the shoulder. Males are typically larger than females, by around one inch on average. Dogo Argentinos typically weigh between 80 to 100 pounds. The body is generally bigger than the height, and Dogo Argentinos are large with broadheads.

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They appear like that of American Bulldog or the American Pit Bull Terrier. Even though these sizes are generally considered “breed standard,” some Dogo Argentinos might be larger or smaller.


A Dogo Argentino is a loyal breed that tends to be extremely territorial, making them great watchdogs. They’re fierce defenders of their human family, even kids; however, their prey-driven nature can make them unsuitable companions for animals such as cats or small dogs. The prey drive does, nonetheless, render them excellent hunters, capable of taking wild boars down with their power and ferocity.
Dogo Argentino is well-known for being not friendly to strangers and other dogs. They are dogs with independence and require an experienced and knowledgeable dog owner who can handle their training requirements, particularly in socialization. They’re strong-willed and require lots of physical and mental stimulation, which is why living in an apartment isn’t an ideal place for them. It is recommended to start the training process as puppies.

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It is believed that the Dogo Argentino tends to have several health issues. One of the main concerns is deafness. Approximately 10% of dogs in the breed are deaf in either or both ears. It is referred to as pigment-related deafness. It can be found in other predominantly white-colored dogs, like Dalmatians, as well as white Boxers and white Bull Terriers.

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The breed can develop additional ailments, such as hypothyroidism, laryngeal paralysis, and glaucoma. Dogo Argentinos can also be affected by hip dysplasia. It is common among large breeds.


It is essential to ensure that you provide Dogo Argentinos with ample physical exercise and mental stimulation because they can be anxious, bored, and destructive when their needs aren’t fulfilled. Like all dogs of the breed, you must be sure to attend regular vet visits and keep their teeth in good condition and groom them whenever necessary. It is recommended that they have their ears checked every week and their nails cleaned monthly. Talk to your vet regarding your dog’s specific requirements, and make sure that you take care of your dog at home.


Dogo Argentinas require an appropriate diet for large breed dogs and plenty of clean fresh water. They’re a high-energy breed, and this should be taken into consideration. The food needs will vary from the time of puppyhood to adulthood. The best method to develop an appropriate diet program for your specific Dogo Argentino is to talk with your vet or a professional nutritionist regarding their requirements. They can give you specific advice.

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Coat Color And Grooming

The Dogo Argentino is a small dog with a white, short coat, with occasionally there is a black spot on its head. While the coat isn’t too long and relatively easy to keep, its size Dogo Argentino makes the grooming process more challenging. Dogo Argentinos are recommended to brush regularly and bathe at least every three months or earlier when they become dirty. However, they shed quite an amount because the size and length of their coats can make it less apparent than breeds with long hair. However, it is advisable to keep a lint-roller in your possession.

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Children And Other Pets

Dogo Argentinos are extremely committed to their families and children as long they are introduced and comfortable with their surroundings. However, children visiting the home may pose a bit than expected since this breed cannot befriend strangers. Children should be watched by their dogs, regardless of whether they’re with family, and taught how to handle animals to avoid any incidents. Socializing Dogo Argentinas as early as they can and training them to communicate with animals and people can also help. The earlier that training is started, the more effective it is.

Dogo Argentinas is a breed with a significant prey drive. This could cause problems with small pets like cats as well as other canines. They might be able to get used to interacting with other animals when they are properly trained and socialized; however, this breed is most at home in a house which does not have any other pets or larger dogs.

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From Where I Can Buy a Dogo Argentino?

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