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Chow Chow Pet Grooming & More

Chow Chow dogs are distinctively-shaped and have a strong independent spirit. Some describe them as being catlike. This breed can be shy and aloof. They can be loyal and faithful companions if they are loved well.

These dogs can be adopted out to rescue groups or shelters, even though they are purebred. Adopt! If you are looking to bring a dog home, don’t shop.

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These pups are independent and require patience. You may have to be flexible with their schedule. Novice pet parents beware. These dogs can adapt to living in apartments, but they need plenty of exercise and don’t like being left alone for long periods. You can make your furry friend a loyal, protective member of the family if you provide them with lots of exercises and skilled training.

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The Chow Chow (or Chow for short) has a large head and deep eyes. A long mane complements him. Although his looks may make it seem mean or aggressive, a Chow Chow (or Chow for short) is a well-bred, well-raised Chow.

It’s believed that the Chow is a combination of the dignity of a Lion, drollness, and charm of a Panda,  appeal of an Elephant, love and loyalty of a Dog, and intelligence, independence of a Cat. As one would expect from a dog raised in Chinese imperial kennels, he is also calm and reserved.

Although he doesn’t like being hugged or fussed at, he will be attentive to his family and loyal to them. He will be happy to accept children if he is raised with them. However, he won’t tolerate abuse, so it’s best to have older children familiar with handling dogs.

He will be more comfortable with strangers if he has had positive interactions with them as a puppy. However, this breed is very protective and territorial. He’ll warn anyone who approaches him without his permission.

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Blue-black tongue is the most distinctive physical characteristic of this breed. Chinese legend says that the blue-black color of the tongue was created when a Chow licked drops of the shade while the sky was being painted. His almost straight rear legs make him stand out. They give him a stiff, choppy, or stilted gait. Although he isn’t fast, he can be a great jogger and walking companion.

A verbal correction is often needed to correct the Chow Chow when it comes to training. This breed is not a good candidate for being hit. Chows are fiercely independent and proud of their independence. They will not take physical abuse. You can train him with no problem if you earn his trust by being consistent and firm. You’ll love the Chow Chow’s independent spirit and unique appearance. This will make you a treasure in your home.


Chow Chows can be independent and stubborn, so their owners need to understand these traits and not allow them to take over.

🐾 To ensure they are safe and comfortable as adults, chows need to be socialized.

🐾.Chow Chows can bond with one person or their immediate family. They are suspicious of strangers.

🐾.To keep their coats in great shape, chows should be brushed twice or three times per week.

🐾.Chows can live in condos or apartments as long as they exercise daily.

🐾.The Chow Chow’s deep-set eyes mean that he has limited peripheral vision. It is best to approach him from his front.

Never buy a puppy from any puppy mill, pet shop, or breeder that doesn’t offer health guarantees or clearances. It would help if you looked for a reliable breeder that tests her breeding dogs to ensure they are free from genetic diseases and breeds puppies with sound temperaments.


Experts believe that the Chow Chow Chow is the oldest dog breed. Genetic testing has confirmed this to be true. It is believed that the ancient breed originated in Mongolia and Northern China. The Chow Chow slowly moved south with nomadic tribes from Mongolia.

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In pottery and paintings of the Han Dynasty (206 BC-22 AD), early depictions of dogs that resemble the Chow Chow are found. According to Chinese legend, one Chinese emperor kept 2,500 Chows as hunting dogs. Their fur was used to trim hairs, and their flesh was considered delicious. The dogs were also used to protect their owners’ belongings.

China gave the breed many names, including black-tongue (heishi-you), wolf (lang gou), bear (Xiang gou), and Canton (Guangdonggou). It is fascinating to read about his journey to become the Chow Chow.

Some bear-like dogs were included in cargo by British merchants in the late 18th century. The name of the breed was stuck to miscellaneous items, including dogs.

Gilbert White, a naturalist from Britain, published a description of the Chow in 1781. He included a pair of Chow Chows that his neighbors brought from Canton (now Guangdong) in his observations about country life. According to fanciers, White wrote more than 200 years ago about the breed, and it has not changed much since then.

Chow Chows became a popular breed only a century later. Chow Chows were loved by Queen Victoria, who took an interest in them. In England, a breed club was established in 1895.

Takuya was the first Chow Chow Chow to appear at an American dog show. She took third in the Miscellaneous Class of the Westminster Kennel Club Show in 1890. American Kennel Club (AKC), which recognized the breed in 1903 and registered the first Chow with the AKC, was named Yen How.

Chow Chows were a popular choice among the wealthy and famous in the 1920s. They made it to the White House where Calvin Coolidge’s wife kept Blackberry, a black Chow, and Timmy, a red Chow. Chow fans were also Sigmund Freud, an analyst, and Anna, his daughter, kept and bred them. Martha Stewart is a more recent fan; Chows often appear on her TV program with her.

Chow Chows are the 64th most popular among all 155 varieties and breeds recognized by AKC.


The Chow Chow measures 17-20 inches from the shoulder to 40-70 pounds.


Many people compare Chow Chow’s personality to that of a cat. It is aloof and reserved, independent, dignified, and intelligent.

A good Chow should not be shy or aggressive, despite his charming smile. Chows are generally calm and will not get into trouble. Chows will play with their owners, but they won’t be interested in strangers unless their owner invites them to Chow’s house. In which case, he would challenge the trespasser. If introduced by his owner, he will allow strangers to touch him.

Chow Chows must be socialized as puppies and introduced to dogs and people to relax and be comfortable as adults.

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Chow Chows are healthy in general, but they can develop certain health problems like any other breed. Although not all Chow Chows will be affected by these diseases, it is important to be aware of their existence if you consider purchasing this breed.

Find a good breeder if you are looking to buy a puppy. They will provide health clearances for you and your puppy’s parents. A dog’s health clearances show that it has been cleared and tested for a specific condition.

Chows should expect to receive health clearances from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for hips and the Canine Eye Registry Foundation, CERF, certifying that their eyes are healthy.

Health clearances for dogs under two years of age are not granted because some health issues don’t manifest until they reach full maturity. It would help if you looked for a breeder that doesn’t keep her dogs alive until they are two- or three years of age. These problems are not common in the breed but can occur.

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Canine hip dysplasia (CHD), a heritable condition that causes the thighbone to not fit into the hip joint, is known as Canine Hip Dysplasia. While some dogs may experience pain or lameness in one or both of their rear legs, you might not notice any discomfort in a hip dysplastic dog. As the dog gets older, arthritis may develop. The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and the University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program do X-rays to screen for hip dysplasia. Although genetic factors can cause hip dysplasia, they can also be exacerbated by environmental factors such as high-calorie diets and injuries from falling or jumping on slick floors.

Entropion is a condition where the eyelid rolls inwards, irritating or injuring your eyeball. Either one or both of your eyes may be affected. You may see your Chow Chow rubbing his eyes if he has entropion. This condition can be treated surgically.


Chows can adapt to many homes, including apartments and palaces. Chows should be kept indoors, with their owners, and not in a kennel or backyard. They can’t take heat well, so keep them inside when it is hot.

Adult Chow Chows need to exercise daily, just like any other dog. He’ll take a few short walks every day or a longer one daily.

Chow Chows are house pet who isn’t prone to wandering. However, if you have a yard, you will still need a fence to protect your dog from traffic and keep strangers away from him.

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Crate training is highly recommended for Chows. Although they are easy to housetrain, it can be not easy to learn how to do so. Crates are great for housetraining and prevent your Chow from biting while you’re gone. Crates are a tool and not a prison, so don’t leave your Chow in them for too long. Chows are best kept with you.

Chows can learn anything you teach them, and verbal corrections are usually enough to correct them. This breed is not a good candidate for being hit. Chows are fiercely independent and proud of their independence. They will not take physical abuse. You can earn his trust in puppyhood by being consistent and firm with him. If you allow the adorable pup to have his way and then try to teach him, you will most likely face problems.


Daily recommended intake: 2 to 2/3 cups of high-quality dog food per day, divided into two meals.

Dogs are just like humans; they need different amounts of food. The amount of food your adult dog eats will depend on its age, build, metabolism, activity level, and size. An active dog will require more food than a dog that is sedentary. It also matters what kind of dog food you purchase. The better the food, the more it will nourish your dog.

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You can keep your Chow healthy by measuring the food he eats and giving him two meals per day rather than leaving it out. If you are unsure he is overweight, you can provide your Chow with the eye test or the hands-on test. Look down at him. Look down at him until you can see his waist. Place your hands on the back of the man, spreading your fingers downwards. Without pressing hard, you should feel his ribs but not see them. If he can’t feel his ribs, he may need more exercise and less food.

You can find more information about feeding your Chow here: buying the right food, feeding your dog, and feeding your adult pet.

Grooming and Coat Color

Two types of coats are possible for chows: rough and smooth. The rough skin is what most people know. It is thick and dense and stands out from the body much like a parka. A soft, thick, woolly undercoat lies beneath the outer coat. The hair grows thicker around the neck and head, creating a ruff or mane. The tail, which is located over the back, also has thick fur.

The Chow Chow’s smooth-coated coat is dense and smooth with no feathering or ruff. There are long hairs on the ears, legs, tail, or body.

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The coat can be found in both the dark and light versions. It comes in five colors: red, ranging from light gold to deep mahogany, black, blue, cinnamon, pale fawn, deep cinnamon, and cream. These colors can be solid or with more delicate shadings in their tails, ruffs, and feathers.

Don’t let anyone pressure you to buy rare or exotic colors if you consider purchasing a puppy. Although some breeders refer to their dogs’ colors in fancy names like champagne, silver or lilac, chocolate or White, these are not the actual colors. They don’t need to be expensive, and most breeders will not charge one.

Chow Chows shed a lot during the winter, so extra care is needed to maintain their coat. To keep your Chow Chow’s coat in tip-top shape and prevent loose hair from landing on furniture and clothes, you should brush it three times per week. If the skin is touched frequently, they don’t have any doggie smell.

You will need a stainless-steel Greyhound comb with medium-coarse teeth, a medium-sized slicker brush to brush the legs, and a medium pin brush to brush the body. A spray bottle of diluted conditioner can be used for misting the coat while you brush. Dry hair is best avoided as it can cause breakage. It would help if you touched the skin to prevent tangles and mats.

Your Chow will need to be bathed at least once a month, more frequently if he goes outside and gets dirty.

Chow Chow Grooming

Nail care and dental hygiene are two other grooming requirements. To remove bacteria and tartar buildup, brush your Chow’s teeth at minimum two to three times per week. Better to brush your Chow every day. You can trim his nails once or twice per month. If the nails are clicking on the ground, they’re likely too long. To prevent bloody, painful tears from forming, keep your feet shortly.

To get your Chow used to groom, start with him as a puppy. Take care of his feet, and dogs can be very sensitive to their feet. Also, make sure you look in his ears and mouth. You’ll make grooming fun with praises and rewards, and it will help you prepare for his adulthood.

Chow Chow Pupies With Children

Chow Chows can be raised with children and can tolerate abuse well. However, they won’t take much abuse from young children. Chow Chows thrive in homes with older children who know how to handle dogs.

Children should be taught how to touch and approach their Chow. Dogs and children should also be closely monitored to avoid any unwanted interactions.

Chows well socialized and trained can get along with cats and dogs, especially if they are introduced to them as puppies. They are more comfortable with dogs of a different sex than their own and may even fight with other dogs of the same gender.

Chow Chow Health Issues

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