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5 reasons why the Pug could be the ideal breed of dog for you.

1. Pugs are naturally cuddlers.

pug puppy
If you are looking for a compact, loving dog that can bond effortlessly with you, then the Pug could be the breed you want to choose. As breeds, they are lively, enthusiastic, and sometimes hilarious. They are eager to play and follow you practically everywhere. Pugs sleep longer than other breeds of dogs (an average of about 14 hours daily). They also, in this way they are similar to cats. They are often referred to as enthusiastic people-pleasers; however, they are also snoozers. Pugs are also thought of as great dogs for families as they are very loving and playful with children. Due to the shape of their mouths, they are not able to make a strong bite and therefore are thought to be at the child-friendly side of the breed range.

2. Pugs are usually clever, observant fast learners.

pug dogs
The good thing about this characteristic is that they are easily taught. However, they will quickly discover where you keep the treats and be prone to trouble. They are also somewhat more stubborn side, so training your dog may require some extra patience from your side. If you are persistent and persevere, you will get many rewards for the effort you put into it.

3. Pugs require minimal maintenance.

retro pug
They do not bark a lot, which is great if you reside in an apartment or share a room with others. Additionally, they sleep for a long time. Contrary to popular belief, they shed, and their coarse hair needs to be groomed regularly. It is a good thing that most Pugs enjoy the physical contact that a good grooming session can bring, and they are eager for appreciation.

4. Pugs are a great pet, and a bit of exercise can go a long way.

pug chihuahua mix
Because of their diminutive size, they do not require much running space and can adapt well to living in apartments. Around 20 minutes of vigorous exercising every day is enough to keep your pet healthy, content, and active. They are known to have a large appetite and are predisposed to being overweight. You will need to keep an eye on your dog’s weight and restrict treats, especially older dogs.

5. Pugs are great with other animals.

Chihuahua Pug Mix
Pugs are generally considered to be loving rather than combatants. Therefore, they will strive to make them not just to your children and you and pets, but also to other pets you have. Due to their size and their sleeping habits, they usually do well with cats. It is common to spot your pet and your Pug cuddling up to take an afternoon nap.

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